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 Valuable information on the innovation process and what steps you need to take to safeguard IP and develop strategies for routes to market. Excellent!
Fresh, vibrant, topical must have information for mums everywhere at work and at home. From practical tips to lively debates and with holiday and product reviews this site is unmissable for the discerning mum!
An ingenious patented tube grip that ensures a quick and safe method of attaching intravenous tube lines to patients so that they cannot be dislodged unintentionally. Invented by a colleague, doctor Mark Spinoza from Great Ormond Street. 
A simple effective squeeze and "pop" open plastic container for all manner of products from the highly regarded Inventor in Residence at the British Library, Mark Sheahan. Mark also provides valuable advice and information for any inventors from route to market to raising investment.
Pithy, informed and expert advice on all aspects of media training and presentation including PR from the entertaining and insightful Telegraph journalist, Jamie Oliver.

Amazing interactive PC software.

 Offers expert patent and IP protection and advice. 

IP services

Comprehensive understanding of operational  and process  change within services and industries.