Like a balloon in a tube it is feather light, flexible and yet delivers maximum functionality.

  Squeeze with ease!TM  dispensing technology

A greener initative because it could enable companies to deliver the same volume and duration of a product's life but in a smaller, lighter more efficient way.

What makes this a "Greener initative?"

Currently, manufacturers fill a tube, transport the completed product to stores, and customers purchase it without a second thought.

By using the Squeeze with ease! system, there is an opportunity to eliminate the 10-15% waste that happens at the end of the product's life cycle, in the hands of the customers, and in a way that will not have a negative impact on their consumption.

The Squeeze with ease! system also gives the manufacturer the ability to reduce the overall volume in each tube by as much as 15% (normally discarded in a standard tube because it cannot be dispensed). This will reduce the quantitiy of the product used in manufacture, as well as increasing the number of tubes able to to fit on a transport vehicle for delivery.

The overall benefit here is a significant cost saving that will in turn lead to increased profitability and the added effect of reducing the overall carbon footprint of the product. A significant USP in today's consumer aware market.

For the consumer there is the satisfaction of using the entire product without cutting open the tube. It lasts as long as the standard tube yet offers ease of use to those with reduced dexterity.

The Squeeze with ease!TM  will weigh less than a gram. Occupying the dead space in the end of a plastic or laminate should minimize any impact on the length.

For a demonstration of how this works please view the video on the homepage or contact us

 And if there is no reduction in the size of the tube, the tube lasts longer and the  consumer will gain the previously discarded extra 10-15% without the usual struggle to empty the tube!

  Like a balloon in a tube, it is feather light, flexible and yet delivers maximum functionality.